Video: Gay and Catholic

In October, I gave a talk at the University of Notre Dame on being gay and Catholic. Part one has the main talk, and part two is the Q&A. Advertisements

On Business Degrees and Free Market Mysticism

The following column was published in The Observer on Thursday, October 2, 2014. “I don’t like to hire students who studied accounting. They tend to approach problems narrowly, as though they are clear-cut numerical issues with clear-cut, single-answer solutions. This just isn’t true.” I was a bit surprised to hear this from a partner at a nationally recognized…

On Empty Classrooms

The following column was published in The Observer on Thursday, September 18, 2014. Willis Konick retired in 2007 as one of the University of Washington’s most sought-after professors. For Willis, as his students called him, the classroom had changed over the years. According to the Seattle Times, ” [Willis] said teaching Dostoyevsky novels in the 1960s was…

Studying Death

The following column was published in The Observer on Thursday, September 4, 2014. When students first read how Athens put Socrates to death they either balk at the injustice of the Athenians or at the uncalculating stubbornness of Socrates. Socrates was charged with corrupting Athens’ youth and refused to yield when faced with death. I myself sided…

Coming Out Christian (audio)

I recently gave a presentation on faith and homosexuality with Julie Rodgers. The audio is below. You can find out more about the event here. 

Book Recommendations for Undergrads Considering Law School

Coming to law school has made me particularly glad that I decided to major in philosophy. In many ways, I’ve found many of the ideas I encountered as an undergraduate to be foundational to the way I approach the law. I could make a pretty long list of books that I think every student should…

Newman, and the development of Catholic teaching on abortion and homosexuality

“… and old principles reappear under new forms. It [a great idea] changes with them in order to remain the same. In a higher world it is otherwise, but here below to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.” So goes the argument of Blessed John Henry Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. Like any great idea, doctrine must change in order to remain the same. Only dead doctrine cannot change, for “a power of development is a proof of life.”

The Paradox of an Education in Philosophy

When one thinks about the constitution of an education in philosophy, one often begins by considering the curricula of philosophy departments in contemporary American universities. When asking, “What is an education in philosophy,” we begin by asking, “What is an education in a philosophy department?”

The Great Books at Notre Dame

In November 2010, I presented a paper for the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture’s annual Fall Conference. After several requests, I have reproduced this paper below, with some minimal edits and revisions. Regarding discussions of my experiences in the Program, it must be noted that I only took three of the required classes….

“The Gay Issue”: Objections and Clarifications

This is my seventh post in a series on understanding same sex attraction. The other six posts are: –On Terminology –Within Catholicism –Newman and Michelangelo –Broadening Same-Sex-Attraction –Learning from the Pro-Life Movement –Notre Dame’s Plan As I have been writing for this series, I have received a number of excellent criticisms and comments about my posts….

“The Gay Issue”: Broadening Same-Sex-Attraction

This post is the fourth post in a series on understanding “same-sex-attraction.” The three previous posts were: On Terminology Within Catholicism Newman and Michelangelo One very complex concept that I have discussed is the idea of “attraction.” Defining and understanding the idea of attraction can be very difficult. What does it mean for a person…